Early on the Road
   image 11 x 14
Yes? No? Maybe?
    image 7 x 10
    Last Light
image 11 x 14
Image 11 x 14
There's Hope
image 11 x 14
       Sea Lace
   image 20 x 28
Silver Morning
image 11 x 15
Southward  Bound
   image 11 x 14
Chocorua Sunset
  image 11 x 14
       * award*
image 14 x 21
High Tide on the Marsh
       image 10 x 14
     Still Water
   image 12 x 8
Almost There
image 20 x 26
Bradford Bridge
 image 29 x 21
(Maybe) Forever
   image 14 x 11
        - sold -
  March Thaw
image 10 x 14
    -*award *
Haycock in March
   image 10 x 14
 Cripple Cove
image 29 x 21
Deep Snow
image 12 x 14
   Coming Storm
    image 11 x 14
Landscapes are the subject of choice. I enjoy working en plein air whenever possible, savoring the luminosity of the landscape and struggling to capture the light before it (all too quickly) changes. Among my favorite locations for sketching and painting are the Merrimack Valley, the North Shore, and the Atlantic seacoast. Painting favorite places enables me to see them anew. I like to record my travels in watercolor as well, and have painted in such places as Alaska, Hawaii, England and Nova Scotia and Egypt. 

Still Lifes et al



   The sun will not rise, or set, without my notice, and thanks.   [Winslow Homer]